Art Therapy: Why Getting Creative Can Help Improve Our Mental State

The Sydney Anxiety Clinic is pleased to welcome Anna Kellerman. Anna has a Bachelor of Art Education and Masters of Art Therapy. She has been working with children and art for over 20 years. Anna is a registered art therapist and has worked with children from a range of backgrounds including domestic violence, trauma, parental separation, and who all present with various forms of anxiety. Anna is also the founder of Mama Creatives. This blog is part one in a series about Art Therapy. Here Anna explains what Art Therapy is and its benefits.

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How To Slow Down Your Brain To Maximise Sleep

Sleep is where your body finds balance for its many functions, from the emotional to the cognitive, all the way down to the immune system - everything we need to function at our best. Getting a good night’s sleep can be particularly difficult if you are dealing with anxiety because your brain thinks it needs to be awake to protect you. The good news is there are many ways that you can slow the brain down to prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

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It’s hard enough being a teenager with your body changing and hormones running wild, then you throw in the pressure that comes with social media....

For parents, this is also a challenging time. You're also learning to navigate how to deal with your teenager and their emotions. Here we look at the negative impact of social media on teenagers and some advice for how to deal with this as a parent.

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