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Helping Your Child With Back-to-School Anxiety

Heading back to school after the holidays is an exciting time and students may feel refreshed and be looking forward to seeing all their friends. The start of the school year can also produce feelings of anxiety. While it’s normal for kids to feel mild to moderate anxiety about going back to school some may experience a debilitating amount of anxiety.

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How Effective Is Mindfulness for Kids?

Mindfulness brings awareness to emotions, thoughts and sensations in the body. It is about taking note of breathing and how the mind is manifesting itself in the body.

Research demonstrates that practicing mindfulness for kids is just as effective as it is for adults. Mindfulness has a positive impact on people no matter what age they are.

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Helping Your Child or Teen With Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can have a negative impact on your son or daughter by preventing them from communicating effectively, joining activities, performing academically and making friends. If your child or teen’s shyness is standing in their way there are many strategies and treatments that may help.

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10 Strategies to Overcome Test Anxiety

In order to perform well in challenging situations people need to be psychologically and physically alert. While feeling ‘psyched up’ prior to an exam can enhance performance too much psychological arousal can lead to feeling ‘psyched out’. Although most people feel nervous before a test, some students experience a debilitating amount of anxiety that involves feelings of dread, racing thoughts and an inability to concentrate. This is commonly referred to as test anxiety.

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It’s hard enough being a teenager with your body changing and hormones running wild, then you throw in the pressure that comes with social media....

For parents, this is also a challenging time. You're also learning to navigate how to deal with your teenager and their emotions. Here we look at the negative impact of social media on teenagers and some advice for how to deal with this as a parent.

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